Marine Sanitation

Marine Sanitation and Plumbing
The 3 most common complaints about the marine head (Toilet) are about smells.

1) It smells when I flush.

marine toiletWhen salt water in the head plumbing sits for a period of time the live organisms die from lack of oxygenated water. So when it is first flushed it smells like dead fish. That is why more and more yachts are using fresh water to flush with. They are using Heads that accommodate fresh water flush. These are usually electric flush or Vacu-Flush Heads. There is no smell from sitting if fresh water is used.

2) The boat smells inside all the time.

Sanitation hoses permeate the odor from the waste. Not any type of hose can be used for the discharge of waste. Manufactures of sanitation hose have lined the inside of sanitation hose with a liner that stops the permutation of waste odor for a limited time. Sanitation hoses are sold in different categories based on how long the manufacturer says it will stop the permutation of odor. 5 years, 8 years and 10 plus years, are advertised and as the time increases so does the cost of the hose. The only solution, if it is the hose, is to replace it. Odor is also caused by leaks, in the holding tank fittings, or the head and hose connections. Inspection of hoses and hose clamps periodically is recommended and if any water is present then usually there is a leak. All hoses should be double clamped.

3) Dirty water backs up in the toilet bowl.

marine toiletMost heads use a rubber duckbill check valve ( Joker Valve ) to prevent the back flow of waste water into toilet bowl. These rubber check valves need to be replaced periodically. Every 6 months but it can vary depending on usage.

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